1. Be Resourceful: Whenever people fail to achieve their goal, 99.99% of the time if you ask them WHY: they will tell you it’s due to lack of resources. That’s what all these things are- I didn’t have the support. I didn’t have the time. I didn’t have the money and the list goes on. It’s the resource that people believe is missing and this resource belief structure keeps people from being able to lead because what leaders do is they find a way to maximize their resources no matter how little they may be. They don’t believe in limited resources. Let’s take a business example to start with:

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In 1962, Sam Walton came up with an idea of retail stores and founded his little company Walmart with $20,000 but by 1974, within 12 years he had 78 stores. How he did it- he used to drive in the middle of the night across the border to study other people’s stores, buy everything the cheapest as he could, figured out what was working for them and what could work for him. Then he came back and implemented every strategy that he could come up with to his stores. He maximized the little resources he had with $20,000 to 78 stores and the company went public on that year. They were all saying this is it. He has maximized his resources to its fullest. This is all he can do. But what’s interesting is, at that time if you look at Sears and Kmart, they were gargantuan companies and were more than 100 times the size of Walmart. At that time, they were leaders but things changed.

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People underestimated that this guy could go up to over 4400 stores and do a business of $250 billion. And where is Kmart today? It’s shrinking including all its competitors and Walmart is the most dominant force on earth.

Here’s the thing he understood. He understood that resources are interesting but the ultimate resources are the feelings of emotion that make you resourceful. Think this way: “Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource”. What are the emotions that make all this possible? What’s the fuel that takes an idea from being in your head when you actually know what to do? How many got an idea for example, you thought it was a great idea, you were excited about it and then you didn’t do anything and then someday, you found someone stole your idea?

Remember it’s not that they had more resources but they were more resourceful.

Today, Sam Walton organization Walmart is the most successful retailing operation on earth. And when we talk of Bill Gates being the richest man in the world that’s only true because Sam’s fortune is divided into bunch of his family members. If you put them together, they dwarf Bill Gates.

  1. Pay Attention to the Little Things: Success and failure are not giant events. They don’t just show up. Neither you don’t just suddenly become successful nor you have a cataclysm event that makes you fail. It may not look that way but failure comes from the little things like it’s failure to make a call, it’s failure to check the books, it’s failure to say I’m sorry, it’s failure to push yourself to do things that you don’t want to do. These little failures which are often ignored, day after day they merge together and come to us as cataclysm events. Failure is due to the mere negligence of those little failures.

At the same time, success is not an overnight event. It’s in the little things like having a vision. Success is finding a compelling reason to do something. Success is feeling the sense that I am here to grow and develop and give something to the world more than just myself. That’s when success comes from. In business, it comes from delivering more than anyone could imagine. All those little things when add up, it creates a wow moment for their customers and then they love to do business with you. It’s true in any area of your life.

  1. Change your Mindset: Here’s is what Tony Robbins has created from his life and anyone who has succeeded. He was 17 years old kid from Azusa, California with no real education other than self-education, with no money but he did one thing: He loved people and had an enormous demand made upon himself and he sculpted his mind and emotions to get him to do whatever it would take to achieve. He did it by using his body and changing his focus.

Here’s his own narrative

I did that by putting myself in a peak physiology and using what I call as incantations. How many of you have things that you want to achieve and then suddenly a part of voice goes down saying it’s not going to happen. Forget it.

What you have to do is train your mind, command your mind. Not by affirming because affirmations are different from incantations. Affirmations is when you say ‘I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy”. So, what is the problem with affirmation? The problem is that you don’t change your physiology. You just say that to yourself. Incantation is not only you speak it, but you embody what you are saying with all the intensity you can and you do enough repetitions such that it sticks to your head. Incantations allows you to have conversations, command and train your mind to do what you want to do not what your mind wants you to do.

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He says, “Incantations is so powerful that it puts me in a state and I was able to influence people that were far more successful than I was at that time. I still do it backstage and have done it for 23 years because I don’t hope that I am in good state, I demand it. I command my subconscious mind to direct me helping as many people as possible today to better their lives. It gave me the strength, the emotion of persuasion”

Stay Healthy. Stay Motivated

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