This is what Will Smith said when an interviewer asked him a question about how he became successful:-

“If we get to the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple, right?”

Success is what everyone seeks in his life but only few succeed. This is because we often do what we should not do and not do what we must do for achieving success.

1.They never complain: At one time or another, everyone has felt beaten down and frustrated by the demands, challenges and setbacks of the environment they live and work in. This is absolutely common and normal. In fact, this is part of life and everyone goes through this once. Successful people understand it and they never waste their energy complaining and whining about a situation. They never focus on how bad the situation is, how terrible the things are or why things are not fair, on contrary they focus on constructive solution. They are more interested to seek remedy to a pathetic situation and how can they make things better.

2.They never procrastinate: As Robin Sharma says:

Ideation without execution is delusion.

An idea without implementation remains an idea. Successful people are successful not only because of their innovative ideas and vision, but also because they are incredible doers. Whenever they come across any idea and they find it meaningful, they act. Thoughts like what if it doesn’t work or what if I start and fail, doesn’t hold them back. They believe that trying and failing is better than not trying.

Procrastination is the enemy of Growth.

3.They never compare: Successful people never compare, instead they compete. When you compare yourself with someone, it introduces envy and jealousy which begins to show in the work that you are doing, while competition makes you more productive and focused on your work.

4.They believe in the word ‘Experiment’ not ‘Failure’: Successful people never believe in failure instead they experiment till they succeed.

Thomas Edison never said, “I failed 10,000 times before I made a light bulb.” The guy was in a LABORATORY. He experimented 10,000 times before he came up with light bulb. That’s how successful people perceive failure. He experimented, learned from the experiment and moved on. Successful mindset keep on experimenting till they get what they want to.

Henry Ford says:

Failure is the opportunity to begin again. But this time more intelligently.

5. They never give up: This may sound cliché but it is incredibly powerful and essential which makes them successful. Successful people don’t quit when things get difficult instead they hold on to their will and determination and get going. Winston Churchill once said:

If you are going through hell, keep going.

Never, Never, Never Give Up

You only need to be right once and successful people know that nobody is counting the number of times they failed.

6. They don’t see problem as ‘Problem’:

Being able to turn adversity into advantage is a clear distinction between extraordinary people and ordinary performers. Successful people are very determined and strong-willed. They perceive every problem as an opportunity to learn, grow, develop and use it to conquer their fears.

A problem is a problem if you see it as a problem.

7. They don’t focus on status but Authenticity: People who are focused on a superficial metric of success seem to always be looking to use you as a stepping stone. We’ve all been in those conversations with some who is is looking around for someone more important, or is so eager to get you to sign a contract that you’re immediately skeptical of their honesty. Successful people are able to be honest about where they feel vulnerable and insecure. In this way they establish an authentic connection that may not be immediately beneficial. It also may not make them look like a superhero. But those connections have staying power. People are more inclined to see how they can help if they aren’t skeptical of your intentions or your integrity.

8. They don’t stay in their comfort zone: Extraordinary performer constantly remain out of their comfort zone. They know the growth lies when they step out of their boundaries. When they put themselves in an uncomfortable and awkward situation and try something new, they are exposed to whole new perspective of imaginative ideas and experiences. Successful people consider themselves to be a permanent apprentice. Because of this they are able to cross-fertilize ideas from disciplines that rarely comingle and achieve incredible breakthroughs.

A comfort zone is a beautiful place. But nothing actually grows there.

9. They never act without planning: Success people first plan and then they act. This enables them to take better decisions and increase productivity. They plan ahead, while at the same time allowing for spontaneity. They are also strategic in their planning to reduce the margin of error. They always keep a journal with them to pen their plans and goals and track their progress.

A goal without a plan is just a wish – Antoine de Saint

10. They don’t see time as Time: Success comes to those who know how to manage their time. They perceive time as an asset and they invest it very wisely. If I ask you to read biographies of all the successful people and come up with one ethics which is common to all of them: it would be time management.They choose to focus their time and energy on the things that will lead them to success. They concentrate on their objectives and totally commit to their aspirations. They are part of 5a.m. club because they know early morning is the most creative and productive hour of the day. People who wake up at 5a.m gain an upper hand as they have enough time to plan their day, prioritize their tasks and make optimum use of the day. Remember:

The bad thing about time is that it flies; the good thing is that you are the driver.

13 More Never-Do ethics Extraordinary Performers Practise

11. They don’t give up when people say “no”, reject them or tell them “that’s not possible” –They simply find a way over, under or around a problem.
12. They never blame anyone for mistakes or failure – They take full responsibility and then do whatever it takes to achieve success.
13. They never let temporary setbacks derail them from meeting their goals – They simply pick themselves up whenever they fall and keep on going.
14. They never whine and complain when things go wrong – They just go ahead and fix whatever problems face them.
15. They never get paralyzed by fear – They act in spite of fear.
16. They don’t believe in overnight success –They choose the slow path to success. They know that what comes easily is also lost easily.
17. They don’t hog all the credit – They know that they owe their success to many people who helped them get to the winner’s circle.
18. They never pretend to know all the answers and understand that they have to keep on learning for the rest of their lives – They humbly refer to other experts for things that they’re not as good at or don’t know much about.
19. They never rest on their laurels – They know that life is composed of a series of mountains to be climbed and so they keep on moving and face bigger and tougher challenges each and every single day.
20. They don’t think of success as an end result – They know that a big part of success is about who they become along the way.
21. They never say ‘I can’t’ – They don’t waste their time tearing out their hair and saying ‘this is too hard’. They just figure out a way to overcome life’s obstacles, whether by themselves or with the help/input of others.
22. They never make excuses for not being able to meet their goals  They just roll up their sleeves and work until the problem or challenge is resolved, or keep on working steadily until they reach their goals.

23. They’re not always burning the candle at both ends (as the myth would have us believe) and know that their health is number one, know when to take a break and when a vacation, and invest in products and people that save them time and money.They are always looking to do things more efficiently, faster, better and cheaper.

Their secret isn’t working harder, it’s very much working smarter.

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